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Super Airik the Cleric

A new version of Airik the Cleric is now available.

Collect crystals and items, complete quests and vanquish evil in this epic real-time audio adventure with zelda like game play. Many gamers enjoyed the previous version, but it had a number of bugs and compatibility
problems which have now been completely resolved. Check it out. On sale now for $12.99 marked down from $15.00

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Super Airik Features and Requirements

Super Airik features:
-Increased operating system compatibility, windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
-Full voice over dialogue, with real character performances (including scout)
-New radial finder feature for nearby quests and collectibles
-360 controller support with vibration functionality
-WASD and arrow key movement
-Additional dialogue and bonus content
-Redeveloped and solid with decreased download size, increased performance 

 System Requirements:


Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

-120 MB hard disc space

400 MB minimum ram, 500 recommended

plays well on most semi-recent sound cards capable of playing most audio games
X-Box 360 Controller and headphones recommended

Welcome to the land of Anegauve!

The idea behind the game is similar to Zelda in the sense that you must overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, take down bosses, upgrade your health and abilities, and collect items to unlock your progress in the world further.


To attack, press control. Remember that using scout to find enemies is your best way of determining their location. But often times, you can attack immediately after impacting the enemy and they wont hit you.


Scout is a sphere-shaped robot designed to aid student Clerics during their training in the Sky Kingdom. Scout is uniquely human unlike other memory bots,  so he is also Airik's closest friend. He proves to be useful to Airik during the adventure because he can fore-warn of any nearby enemies, track down items, save progress, read inventory and identify the world surroundings. He is essential just like a computer is essential.

Scouting with Scout-

It is important to check your surroundings with the finder before making a new move or you might walk right into spikes or into enemy assault.  To send scout ahead of you, simply press F and then the arrow direction you wish to seek in. The longer scout floats, the further away the item is that he finds. If you get confused, try walking in the direction with the most space. Also pay close attention to the areas. This makes things easier, so that you know how to play them if you need to return to them later on or back track.

Item Inventory-

Airik can carry items which he finds along his journey. If at any time you want to hear your item status, just press F and then the space bar. This will tell you how much health you have, how many Crystals you've collected, how many Power Cubes you have, any quest items you have, and your overal life capacity (number of hearts you can carry). Use the item reader often.


When scout is hovering and he foccasionally finds single jump gaps. Approach the gap without walking off the edge. Use scout to seek and then move closer until there is only a tiny bit of space between you and the edge. Then press the space bar immediately followed by the arrow key in the direction you wish to jump.

Your player jumps in a direction when you hear a jump noise like a bouncing instead of just Airik's voice.

Useful tip: Once you have jumped, scout seek behind you where you just came from to make sure that the gap is now behind you in your path. If it is still in front of you, the chances are you vaulted, but only straight up in the air, and not across. You can make it with ease after a bit of practice.

Earned Abilities

Long Jumping-

The same principal of jumping goes for long jump gaps, but  remember that you can't use a normal jump vault on a long jump gap or you won't jump far enough. You also cannot jump across a long jump gap at all if you don't have the ability of long jumping. To long jump across, just press J to jump instead of space, then immediately followed by the direction you want to jump in. This must be done in quick succession in that order while somewhat close to the edge or you will not make it across.


The shield is a very useful upgrade, since it can be used to deflect enemy projectiles which come from Skeleton Warriors or Laser Guards. The ricochet will often kill the enemy. Remember that the shield is temporarily activated. Once it shuts off, you will need to press Insert again to reactivate it. This means that you should time your blocks correctly.

Floor smash-

This diving slam upgrade is performed by pressing the space bar then pressing control. I know, it's pretty easy to perform. Just be careful about using it at the wrong time, since this could mean losing time while being fired at from across the room.

Energy Blast-

This enables you to deactivate Force field guarded doorways, and is very useful for destroying enemies from a safe distance. The blast jolts in the four main directions at once, but you still should line yourself up with your target in order to hit it. To summon the blast, press V.

Secret Ability-

This earned ability will come in handy when you are scouring caves to kill enemies. It is often seen in RPG's but will not be mentioned.

Quests and Mini Games

Throughout the game, you will need to complete a series of quests for characters. Often times this means retrieving an item for them in exchange for health upgrades or power cubes.


When you start the fishing game, begin by moving your fishing rod left and right until you find that the splashing of the fish is most centered. Then press space to cast the line into the water. Once the fish bites, you can pull left and right, while using up or down to wind or unwind the reel. Do this until the fish is pulled the absolute closest until it is pulled out of the water. The louder the splashing, the closer the fish is.

Playable Locations

The Sky Kingdom.

The Caves of Veridean.

Gelid Mountain also called Gelidria.

Cerulean Cove also called South Sea Docks.

The Waterfall Caves of Cerulean Cove.

The Fire Fortress

Secret location 1 with bonus ability

Secret location 2


Playable Locations in Airik 2-

Terrisage castle.

Terresage Village  

The bone fortress of the desert.

The city of Spades.

Altenberg Mountain and Lake.

The Spider tower of Stalaglore

Secret location 1

Secret location 2


Boss Walkthroughs, SPOILER WARNING

Tip: If you're having trouble dodging things, move away from the boss to the south  more to give yourself more room to be able to dodge things coming from the north.

Boss 1

When you finish the cutscene, you will be almost immediately faced by bombs being rolled toward you. Quickly identify whether the bomb is to your left or right, then run in the opposite direction as the bomb, but not too far! The flooring has metal if you are playing version 1.3 or higher. This helps to indicate if you are still centered in the room so stay close to the center so that you have time to dodge the bombs. When a bomb is thrown from the left, run right by about three steps to avoid it, but then run back to left by three steps when it explodes. This places you enough in the center of the room to where you can easily dodge the bomb coming from the right. Run left but only by three or four steps. Repeat this process until the boss runs out of energy and powers down. Run up to the north end of the room until scout says Get Him Airik. Then jump into the air and press control, performing your smash attack. When he's been hurt, simply run away quickly. Three times of smashing him when he's powered down and he's defeated. Dont run up to him too soon or he'll punch you back to the center of the room.

Boss 2

When you begin sliding down the snow hill chasing after the boss who is on a mechanical sled, stay in the center. Scout will warn you of trees coming up on the left or right. If he says left, then veer right.
Your movement is determinable based on the snow swoosh beneath the character. If Scout warns you of trees to the right, go left. If there is a barrier coming up, this is a huge lug of Ice which the boss sends from his sled mechanism, immediately punch through it with control. It will shatter. You'll start getting closer to him in momentum until Scout clues you in that you must jump onto his sled and attack him. push forward to move faster until you run into his metal platform, then back up a bit and jump onto the sled. Once youre on, you will have a limited time before his sled deck turns into spikes, so get in and floor slam his head then get off and jump back onto the passing snow to the south before the spikes come back.
Repeat the process until he is dead. Be careful as sometimes he uses a laser rifle to fire at you. This boss is more difficult than the first.

Tip: keep

Boss 3:

Boss 3 is the most difficult to defeat, but with some effort, he too will go down. When the battle begins, you'll hear a wave of something coming from the left. Use your shield instead of dodging when it gets louder because the wave covers the entire floor and it is traveling from west to east toward you. When it comes from the right do the same thing. When the boss is tired of trying to scorch you with the fire wave, he'll cause the whole room to fill up with lava. You don't have much time at this point, but scout will say that the room is filling up with lava, so run north west and north again quickly, climb the ladders and quickly climb to the top until you are on a metal platform, but don't attack the boss in the center of his platform as he is surrounded by his own lava. Instead wait here until he powers down. Then use your energy bolt to attack him from afar. Once he is hurt by this, he'll knock you to the floor again without the lava there anymore, thankfully. repeat this process one more time. However, on the third time, when you climb up to him, his surrounding lava will subside allowing you to run up when he's powered down and smash his head to beat him for good.

Interactive Objects


The first thing about doors you should know is that Airik can open them without actually going through them. You must press in only one direction into the door and let go of that key, then press enter. The door may be opened by Airik, but he wont walk through it unless your direction was facing the door. Face the door and you'll be good. Some doors are locked and require floor switches to be activated, wall switches, five power cubes and rarely, energy blast ability to open.


Chests contain very useful elements. They contain either power cubes or heart fragments which upgrade your survival ability. Press enter to open them.


There are two kinds of switches: wall switches and floor switches. Wall switches are activated by pushing against them and pressing control. Sometimes this works better if you press control first and immediately in the direction of the switch. You will know it worked when you hear a switch click sound. Floor switches require the earned ability Floor Smash in order to activate them. Walk into the switch, then jump into the air and press control. This will activate the switch when you slam down on it.

Sky Crystal Guide - SPOILER ALERT!

Here is a guide to the Sky Crystals you may not have found. Crystals can be found in crates as well. So remember to break them to check. Sometimes crates are empty.There are a total of 75 to be found in the game.

Sky Kingdom Crystals:

Crystal 1: In the house to the north outside the village temple. Door is locked, find a switch.

Crystals 2, 3 and 4: In the river with the bridge crossing it. You must swim to find them.

Crystals 5 and 6: In the small forest past to the north of the river and bridge. 

Crystals 7, 8 and 9: Inside the Veridean Caves (the first cave found in the game) One is to the right around a corner from the entrance, and the other two are guarded by a bat to the west.

Crystals 10, 11 and 12: Inside of breakable crates. These are in a room past a door across from the cave entrance.

Crystals 13, 14, and 15: Inside the south east room guarded by a Skeleton Figher.

Gelid Mountain Crystals:

Crystals 1, and 2: To the left and right when you first arrive.

Crystal 3: Up on the wall to the west of a stone platform. Cannot be avoided.

Crystal 4 and 5: In the first snowy area past a door leading north. There is a woman in this room who you can talk to. Both crystals are here in this room.

Crystals 6 and 7: Just barely past the breakable Ice wall beyond the last room. They are to the west of where you came in.

Crystals 8 and 9: To the east of the power cube door in the ice caves.

Crystals 10 and 11: To the east of the power cube foor crystals, behind another breakable ice wall. And being guarded by a skeleton figher.

Crystals 12: guarded by a bat around the corner past another breakable ice wall in the ice caves.

Crystal 13 South west past the door to the south of the room with a Grimlore figher. This area has a line of spikes along the south. 

Crystal 14: To the east of crystal 13, just past the raised stone platform.

Crystal 15: Around the corner from 14, right before breakable ice wall.

Cerulean Cove Docks: 

Crystals 1 and 2: right by the waterfall which is to the north east around the row of palm trees from the entrance to the coves. 

Crystal 3: in a crate on the sand between two empty crates across from the water at the north end near the entrance. 

Crystal 4: outside of a side opening to one of the houses on the dock. This is the fisherman's house. It has a bed in it.

Cove Caves:

Crystal 5: In the caves from the cove beach to the west of the docks. Past the long jump gap of the cave inside. Around a corner here is the crystal.

Crystals 6, 7 and 8: Around the corner in the cove caves at the north end of the room near a heart. Inside some crates.

Crystals 9 and 10: To the south in the middle of the caves just past a bunch of breakable stone wall being guarded by a skeleton fighter.

Crystals 11, 12 and 13 are in crates on the pirate ship deck. 

Crystal 14 is up on the mass of the pirate ship. You must climb the ladder and jump across the wooden platforms to get it.

Crystal 15 is in Captain Baronway's chamber on the pirate ship. 

Lava Lair:

Crystals 1 and 2 are to the south of the first lava intersection. Near the wall switch across the southern floor.

Crystal 3 is to the north of the first lava intersection but instead of going toward the locked door, jump west to find a hidden platform and a crate to the north with a crystal in it.

Crystal 4 is near far north east after jumping up the only metal plaforms in the fortress , it is after jumping across a gap. It is hard to find.

Crystals 5, 6 and 7 are in crates in a secret room which is west of the only spikes in the fortress, behind some breakable stone wall.

Crystals 8, 9 and 10 are to the far south east, just south of the spikes being guarded by a Grimlore beast. 

Crystal 11 is in the north east corner tucked away by itself in this same room.

Crystals 12, 13, 14 and 15 are past the laser guard near the cube door. 

The15 Crystals remaining are for you to find, sorry but no guide will be given for these last 15.

A full walk-through describing what to do in the game from event to event will be releasing soon!