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News - New Game Links and Installers

Our five games now have new demos with new installers. These demos can all be accessed from one convenient folder and this link won't expire. Click here to access the demos!

When you purchase a game, the download will now start automatically and instantly, and the full games all have installers (with the exception of Edge of Winter, which is in its final stages of development and releasing this year). 

Each game is only $12.99, but you can get them all in a single bundle for only $24.99 here. Foreach individual purchase, use the following links:


Kurt Wolf 


Griff 2


Gamerpal Service - Take on a World of Video Games

We're now offering a new service which allows audio gamers to buddy up for screen sharing sessions with video gamers standing by. This allows the game you're reading to be read aloud, including locations, inventories, menu choices, and dialogue. Putting the power of strategy and skill in your hands. Experience what gamers have been talking about with some of the most beloved series such as Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Skyrim and more. Take on the world.

How It Works:

Purchase game time in 4 hours or 8 hours. These are scheduled and divided conveniently. You'll receive an email with the easy instructions. When you start up, just launch your game.

 Click here to get started! 

Click here to get a 4 hours

Click here to get 8 hours



Griff! New Fantasy Platformer!

Griff is a winged lion from a royal family of Griffons and Winged lions. Upon becoming a realm guardian, Griff soon learns that he must unearth the truth about a mysterious force draining the worlds of their magic. The game is a lot like Spyro the Dragon. Each magical realm you play has a different theme with mythology inspired by other cultures such as Greece, China, Egypt, India and more!

Click here to to access the demo downloads folder

Click here to purchase the full game for just $12.99! 

Game Features:

Run, jump, glide and fight your way through six magical realms

Earning abilities and punch enemies with your golden Midas gloves. Turn them to gold and punch them more to shatter them into collectible gold pieces!

Unique audio game play experience with 3D sounds.

Full voice over dialogue and story cut-scenes.

Game-play that feels like a console game. 


Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10.

512 MB of ram. 1 GB recommended.

Intel Pentium III processor or higher, Standard DirectX graphics and sound cards.


Left and Right / A and D keys / Left thumbstick = Run
Up and Down arrows / Left thumbstick = Navigate menus
Space bar / B button = Jump
Jump + hold Jump = Glide
Enter / A button = Confirm 
Escape / Start button = Pause Menu
Q / Right bumper button = Quantity Health and Gold

CTRL / X button = Attack 

Edge of Winter

A new playable demo is available for Edge of Winter!  The following link will download the playable demo directly to your computer within just a few short moments after clicking. Unzip the downloaded file and find your way to the unzipped folder. Then click Edge.exe to start the game. After a few minutes the game should start. Make sure that if you are using an Xbox 360 controller that you plug in the controller prior to start up. Thanks and we hope you enjoy Edge of Winter! 

 Demo Download Link

Purchase Full Game 

 See Control guide below (next header)

Edge of Winter Control guide!

Starting a New Game 

Launch Edge.exe

Wait for the Title announcement. It may take a few minutes to start. Be sure that if you are using a 360 controller that it is plugged in before launching the game. If you get a crash, be sure that your DirectX drivers are up to date and that you are using a Windows operating system. Press Enter when it prompts you to. Then navigate the menu using the arrow keys. Press enter to activate a menu selection. Try selecting "Learn Game Sounds" from the main menu, it will repeat the selection if you chose it. Once in the Learn Game Sounds menu, you can use up and down arrow keys to highlight a sound you would like to sample. Once you hear a sound that you would like to learn, press enter to hear it. You can immediately keep navigating from here on with the arrow keys, once you are done hearing all the sounds, highlight the back to menu option and press enter to go back to the main menu.

If you navigate to the options menu, you will find that you can highlight different volumes and press left and right arrows to increase or reduce their values. I recommend turning the music down to about 70 or 80. Highlight back to menu and select it to go back. 

Next we'll start a new game, use the arrow keys to highlight new game and press enter.

After hearing the Artemis Invitation cutscene, press enter to continue. 

Dominik is out in the cold, and sounds distraught. It seems a tragedy has befallen him on his way to the castle. Our first goal is to find Laszlo.


Your Journal will update with clues to where you must go next. Each time you hear it update, press J to check it, or right bumper button on a 360 controller.

Rotation Movement (first person view)

Now that we know what to do, let's go over movement. By default, you begin Edge of Winter with a first person control scheme. Your mouse movement will pan your player left and right. Likewise, the A and D keys and arrow keys will pan you left and right. If you press the E key, you will toggle strafing mode. This will make it so that A and D or arrow keys left and right will no longer pan the player, but will instead cause the player to step sideways, while the mouse movement left and right will remain panning to rotate the player gradually. 

Compass Movement (top down view)

For now, let's turn strafing off. Next, let's change the movement type by pressing the C key.

This puts our view in compass mode rather than rotation mode. Note that strafing (side stepping) will not work while in compass mode, because compass mode is more like a top down view where the player always moves north when pressing up or W, always east when pressing right or D, always south when S or down, and always west when pressing left or A. 


Your map will help you to understand how the layout of the castle is arranged. In the full game, sub-maps for each location will be available. Check this when ever the music has changed, because it will help you learn your current location by name.

The three object types

Boundary Objects: These objects make a restriction sound. They don't narrate and only help to know where the environment boundary is. They also help demonstrate what kind of objects you're surrounded by. 

Scenery Objects: These objects make a low double ding sound. They help paint your surroundings and can be narrated when you impact them and press N key or X button on 360 controller. Pay close attention to scenery objects, as they often contain clues. 

Interactive Objects:

These objects make a high bing sound. They can be interacted with. They sometimes give items, they sometimes require items. They can be chests, characters, levers, anything interactive. Sometimes, after you've obtained an item from an interactive object, or have used an interactive item past its worth, it will become a scenery object and can only be narrated from then on. Listen carefully for sound cues. Sometimes objects may seem like boundaries, like a dungeon cell for example, but check if they are playing an interactive sound effect. The object type is what matters most. 

Tip: You can scan directly out from the player's facing direction by pressing the space bar or Y button on controller. This is very useful so use it pretty often.  

Inventory Items

When you first start the game, you will be standing just north of the wreckage of your carriage. If you're in compass mode, simply press down arrow or S until you impact the carriage. Press enter key or A button on controller to interact with it. It will give you a lock picking kit. Now that we have the kit, once we are in control of the player again, press I key or back button on controller to check your inventory. Press left and right to navigate through items that you collect. Press I key again or back controller button again to leave the inventory without selecting an item, or press enter or A button on controller to select an item.

Hatchet Doors

If you find a hatchet door, walk into it and press N key or X button on controller to narrate it. Note that its wooden latch can be broken. Try finding an item capable of breaking this.

Using Items 

When you have an item selected from your inventory, make sure that you are touching the item you want to use it on, or simply walk up to it and touch the object once you have the item selected. Press enter to activate the item and enter when touching the object to use the item. Sometimes you must take a step back and re-impact an object in order to make it occur again.

Speaking with Characters

When a character greets you, listen to everything they have to say, then when you are certain they are done speaking, press Enter or A button on controller to continue. When you hear Dialogue Choices, this means it's you must select your reply. Press up to hear your first choice, and press down to hear your second choice. When you know what you would like to say, press Enter. The character will reply in accordance with what you just chose to say to them. This has an impact on your stats as well as the information you receive.

If you become stuck, try going back to look for anything you may have missed. Check your journal with J key or right bumper on controller. This will help you to know generally what your goal is. Remember that to leave the journal you must press enter or A button on controller.

STEAMPUNK NEVERLAND and ClockTower Chronicles!

Hey everyone, I wanted to tell you about a new game releasing soon called Steampunk Neverland, an open world Zelda like RPG with a special new system we've been working on for over a year.

Play a deep origin story of the boy who becomes the daring hero known as Peter Pan. Take on Hook in a fully explorable Neverland with an arsenal of cool steampunk vessels and gadgets! Featuring full voice over dialogue and special ground and distance sounds with controller support.

This will be an important step for accessible games. High quality audio will take less memory while being able to turn graphics completely off in a highly efficient way. Additionally, the game will have accessibility for the hearing and physically impaired. This video game is important for other companies to note for future options to be put into video games
so that more blind gamers can play them. We encourage you to be a part of this cause!

To reserve your full copy of the game for twenty five dollars, go here. You'll also receive a bonus digital audio book, plus game guide and original soundtrack! A confirmation email will be sent usually within ten minutes.

I wanted to tell you about a cool game with some fun back story...

Steampunk Neverland: Clock Tower Chronicles; a puzzle exploration game set in the world of the upcoming zelda-esque RPG Steampunk Neverland. Clock Tower Chronicles revolves around the a steam age inventor who discovers the world of Neverland. His interests are in the ancient powers of the land and particularly the fairies. Explore cool locations and hear the narrated back story as you solve steam mechanized and ancient puzzles! This game is set to release in the coming weeks this season. Reserve it and you'll receive it right as it releases.

To obtain Clock Tower Chronicles, go here

This reserve is conveniently part of the Steampunk Neverland reserve, so later you'll receive Steampunk Neverland RPG as well! Also included is a cool audio book, original soundtrack and full game guide, plus now a game guide for Clock Tower Chronicles! Clock Tower Chronicles is a cool puzzle exploration game that is a pretty decent length of about four hours.

Anyone who's already reserved Steampunk Neverland already has Clock Tower Chronicles in their reserve. This bundle is up for a limited time, so reserve it while you can. Hope you will have fun with it. It's a neat story introduction to the world of Steampunk Neverland. Piratey goodness Yo ho ho!

Afterward, if you would like to be part of the Steampunk Neverland testing team, send an email to requesting for testing and include your windows system information so we know what you'll be testing on. Thanks!


Kurt Wolf - Shrine of the Lynx

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Airik the Cleric

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